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Linear Guideways - SE Option

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Cap Code Bolt Size Cap Diameter
Cap Thikness
Model of Linear Guideway
C3 M3 6.15 1.2 EGR15R
C4 M4 7.65 1.2 HGR15R
C5 M5 9.65 2.8 HGR20R
C6 M6 11.15 2.8 HGR25R
C8 M8 14.15 3.5 HGR30/35R
C12 M12 20.15 4 HGR45R
C14 M14 23.15 4 HGR55R
More Information
  • Model #
    - HG Series - Call for availability
    - EG Series - Call for availability
    - MGN/MGW Series - Model# 9,12,15

    Ex. HGW25CA2R1000Z0PII/SE
    Ex. EGW25CA2R1000Z0PII/SE
    Ex. MGN15C2R1000Z0PII/SE
  • This option increases temperature resistance. Service temperatures from under 150°C and instance temperatures up to 200°C.
  • Heat treatment equipment, welding machines, glass manufacturing, vacuum (without vapor dispersion from plastic or rubber at high temperatures).
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