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RG Series

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  • Applications
  • - CNC Machining Centers
  • - Heavy Duty Cutting Machines
  • - CNC Grinding Machines
  • - Injection Molding Machines
  • - Plano Millers
  • - Electric Discharge Machines
Choose linear guideways series and press Select. For the selected series, choose Size and enter Qty.Rail and/or Qty.Carrier. You can order rails, carriers or both. For rails enter Length of Rail and choose Rail Type (if available). Length of Rail can be between 50 and 4000. For carriers choose Block Type, Load Type, Block Mounting Type and Preload Code and select any additional options according to your requirements (some of these specs may not be available for all series). If you have not entered carrier or rail quantity their corresponding specs will be disabled. Enter quantity to enable them. Press Add to Cart to save your specs in your shopping cart for this order. Press Discard to remove your current selection.
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