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Linear Guideways - PG Series

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Item Specifications
Resolution (µm) 5,10,50,100,500,1000-
Accuracy (µm) ?80+15xL), L:Strip length (m)
Max speed (m/min) 80 (for 5 µm resolution)
Power Supply (V) 5,24?0%
Power Consumption 2~3 Watt
Output Signals (Pulse) Phase difference 90°±10%
Working Temperature (°C) Magnetic Strip: 0~50
Sensor: 0~70
Translator: 0~50
Storage Temperature (°C) -5~50
Max. Rail Length 4m (Max. 32m for Butt-joint Rail)
Recommended Magnetic Strip Length Stroke of Rail+25mm Each Side
Expansion Coefficient of Strip 16x10-6(mm/°C)
Protection Class Magnetic Strip: IP66
Sensor: IP66
Translator: IP43
More Information
  • - Saves installation space by integrating the Linear Guideway with magnetic encoder.
  • - Holds high rigidity and high accuracy concurrently from Linear Guideway and magnetic encoder.
  • - Hiding type of sensor and magnetic strip without damage from external material.
  • - Non-contact position measurement sensor can achieve long life performance.
  • - Long distance measurement is possible (Magnetic Strip up to 32 m).
  • - Works reliably in harsh conditions such as moisture, oil, grease, or dirt, and event in a vibration or high temperature environment.
  • - High resolution.
  • - Easy to install.
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