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Linear Guideways - E2 Option

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Item Standard Block E2(Self-Lubricating) Block
Lubricant Device $XXX -
Design & Installation of Lubricant Device $XXX -
Cost of Oil Purchase 0.3cc / hr x 8hrs / day x 280 days / year x 5 year
= 3360cc x cost / cc = $XXX
10cc (5 years 10000km) x cost / cc = $XX
Cost of Refilling 3~5hrs / time x 3~5 times /
year x 5 year x cost / time = $XXX
Waste Oil Disposal 3~5 times / year x 5 year x cost / time = $XXX -
More Information
  • - Machine Tools
  • - Manufacturing Machines: Plastic injection, printing, paper making, textiles, food processing, wood working, etc.
  • - Electronic Machines: Semiconductor equipment, robots, X-Y table, measuring and inspecting equipment.
  • - Others: Medical equipment, transporting device, housing equipment.
  • - Clean & Environmentally Friendly: Optimized oil usage prevents leaking, making it the ideal solution for clean working environments.
  • - Long Life & Low Maintenance: Self-lubricating block is maintenance free in most applications.
  • - No Installation Limitations: The linear guideway can be lubricated by the E2 self-lubricating module irrespective of the mounting directions.
  • - Easy Assembly & Removal: The oil cartridge can be added or removed from the block even when the guideway is installed on the machine.
  • - Oil Selection: The replaceable oil cartridge can be refilled with any approved lubrication oil depending on the requirement.
  • - Applications for Special Environments: Sealing grease into the block leads to better lubrication results especially in dusty, dirty, or wet environments.
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