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Linear Guideways - Dust Proof Option

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  Mark (LG/AG Series)   Dust Proof Condition
   U (Standard) End Seal + Bottom Seal Normal Chips
DD Double End Seal + Bottom Seal Heavy Dust or Chips
KK Double End Seal + Scraper + Bottom Seal Heavy Dust, Heavy Chips, Heat Chips, Work Spark
ZZ  End Seal + Scraper + Bottom Seal Heat Chips or Work Spark
More Information
  • No symbol is needed for Standard Equipment.

    Otherwise add the mark "+DD/KK/ZZ" after the specification number.

    EX: HGW25CA2R1000Z0PII + DD

    EX: EGW25CA2R1000Z0PII + DD

  • Dust Proof Equipment can prevent iron chips and dust from entering the block and damaging the groove surface. This translates to better service life and accuracy.

    Several types of dust proof equipment are available. See table on left for more information.

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